Sunlectra introduces solar powered electric vehicles in Pune, Maharashtra.

Mr. Ranjit More, Chairman & Director, Sunlectra Auto described about his dream project & extreme efforts carried out to accomplish this goal in stipulated time.

ZEE-24 तास



Advanced Technology

Modern engineered Solar Roof includes flexible panel with higher efficiency used as range extendar. This Solar Roof delivers optimum output which provides more mileage to our vehicles.

Eco Friendly

The vehicles manufactured by Sunlectra, need not require fossil fuels for transmission, runs on electric as well as Solar energy. This use of clean and renewable energy cause zero pollution and helps in protecting our mother nature.

Cost Effective

Sunlectra Vehicles require few units of electricity to gets fully charged.The optimum consumption of electric energy turns into low operational cost and gives more earnings to new entrepreneurs. Our vehicles are best cost effective solution for urban as well as rural transportation.

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